Seminar by Dr. Stacey Zones, Chevron Research Fellow, Thursday, June 20

Dr. Stacey Zones, a Research Fellow with Chevron's Energy and Technology Company, will discuss synthesis of catalytical materials used by the chemical industry, in a talk entitled Zeolite Materials as Valuable Catalyst Components in Chemical Processes and the Role of Organ-Cations in Shaping Synthesis Outcomes.

Hosted by the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, the seminar will be held in room 130 of the CBEC building (151 West Woodruff Avenue) from noon-1 pm on Thursday, June 20.

CERTAIN Faculty Fellow led spring break class trip to the Guadalupe Mountains

Dr. Derek Sawyer led a field trip of SES students to the Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas and southern New Mexico during Spring Break March 11-16, 2019. The 6-day trip featured visits to classic locations of the Permian Reef Trail, Last Chance, Bone, Shumard, Slaughter, and Walnut Canyons, plus the Carlsbad Caverns and roadside stops at the Castille Evaporites and the Rader Slide.