Hydrogen Energy Symposium held December 6, CERTAIN's inaugural Energy Solutions for Deep Decarbonization workshop

CERTAIN hosted an Hydrogen Energy Symposium on Friday, December 6 at The Blackwell Inn and Conference Center, on the campus of The Ohio State University. The workshop, the first of a series of energy-focused symposia, was entitled Energy Solutions for Deep Decarbonization: Hydrogen Energy Symposium.

Dr. Eric Toone speaks at CERTAIN's Hydrogen Energy symposiaThe symposium was highlighted by a keynote lecture by Dr. Eric Toone. Dr. Toone is currently the Managing Director and Science Director of Breakthrough Energy Ventures, former Program Director and Deputy Director for Technology of the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), and Professor and Vice-Provost of Duke University. Breakthrough Energy Ventures is the world’s largest venture capital fund established to invest in technologies that can lead to deep decarbonization in the electricity generation and energy storage sectors. Their stated goal is investment in technologies that can individually lead to the removal of at least ½ gigatons of greenhouse gases per year.  

Other external speakers included Dr. Michael W. Webber, chief science and technology officer for Engie, Stacey Worman from the Chevy Chase Trust, Olivier Lhote, also from Engie, and Viacheslav Zgonnik, the CEO of Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC. The day's agenda is available on this site's workshop page.