Environmental Legacies and Water Considerations Related to Oil and Gas Production workshop Tuesday, May 14

The National Academy of Sciences Unconventional Hydrocarbon Roundtable will be holding a one-day workshop entitled Environmental Legacies and Water Considerations Related to Oil and Gas Production on Tuesday, May 14, in Midland, Texas. There is no registration fee; those unable to physically attend may participate via webcast (registration required).

The day's agenda is available here.

A brief summary of the workshop follows:
Technological advances have expanded the footprint of U.S. oil and gas resource development, both in rural areas and near urban centers. The ability to minimize environmental impacts and manage produced water depends on solid scientific and technical information—much of it regionally specific. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insight from leaders in industry, government, and academia. Presentations will be drawn from peer-reviewed work on environmental legacy and produced water themes from the National Academies’ Roundtable on Unconventional Hydrocarbon Development. Participants are encourage to share their collective regional wisdom with the Roundtable members.