Monday, May 12, 2014 8:30 - 5:00 pm

The Blackwell

The Ohio State University

2110 Tuttle Park Place, Columbus, OH 43210

Workshop Objectives - Upon completion of the workshop, attendees will be better informed regarding objective interpretation of current knowledge and identified needs for generation of new knowledge regarding:

  1. field instruments and laboratory equipment and standard practices to characterize sources of NORM and TENORM and the types and levels of ionizing radiation via collection, detection, measurement and interpretation;
  2. on-site and off-site characterization, handling and waste management of NORM and TENORM;
  3. status of research and development of new technologies for characterizing, handling, recycling/reusing/disposing of NORM and TENORM; and,
  4. current uncertainties and gaps in research and development

Workshop agenda

Attendee list

Workshop summary



Session 1: NORM and TENORM: Parameters and Background

Ionizing Radition and Hazard Potential, John Frazier, Consultant

Pathways for Exposure to NORM, Bill Thomas, Health Physicist, Integrated Environmental Management

TE/NORM  in Oilfield Wastes: Regulations and Relevant Studies, Holly Pearen, Environmental Defense Fund

NORM and Unconventional Oil and Gas Production, Andy Lombardo, Perma-Fix Environmental Services

West Virginia Studies, Paul Ziemkiewicz, West Virginia University


Session 2: Radioactive Materials

The Geologic Nature of Shale, Loren Babcock, The Ohio State University

NORM and TENORM Related to Geological Deposits and the Oil & Gas Industry, Jeff Schubert, Paul C. Rizzo Associates

Approaches with Recycle, Treatment, and Disposal of Flowback and Produced Water and the ABCs of Managing NORM in the Marcellus Shale Region, Mark Gannon and Alex Lopez, AMEC


Session 3: Drilling Processes, Procedures, and Best Practices

Basics of Drilling, Coring, and On-Site Disposal of Solids and Fluids, Mark Moody, Battelle

TENORM Analytical Measurements, Dennis Leeke, Pace Analytical

TENORM: Management & Disposal, Mike Hall, Clean Harbors


Session 4: Research and Development Needs for Analysis Methods, Monitoring and Handling NORM and TENORM

Chemical Processes to Concentrate/Bind Radionuclides, Prabir Dutta, The Ohio State University

Sample Preparation and Techniques for Analysis of Actinides in Environmental Samples, Elizabeth Widom, Miami University coming soon

Beneficial Use of Drill Cuttings, Tarunjit Butalia, The Ohio State University