Ohio State Extension educators are available to offer information on leasing, property rights, and associated issues as well as guidance on local government and community economic development challenges and opportunities as the development of the resource proceeds.

Cindy Bond, assistant professor and Extension Educator for Community Development in OSU Extension, focuses on economic development with specialization in evaluation development, strategic planning and community planning of the Appalachian area in Ohio. Contact: bond.227@osu.edu

Joe Bonnell, program director in environment & natural resources extension program, manages the Ohio Watershed Network and the Ohio Watershed Academy websites. His focus is community-based and collaborative approaches to watershed management in Ohio and human dimensions of ecosystem-based management. Contact: bonnell.8@osu.edu

Greg Davis is a professor and Assistant Director of OSU Extension - Community Development. Contact: davis.1081@osu.edu

Dee Jepsen, associate professor in food, agricultural and biological engineering, specializes in outreach education and applied agricultural research in the areas of agricultural safety and rescue, rural roadway safety, and disaster and preparedness recovery. Contact: jepsen.4@osu.edu

Mark Landefeld, Ohio State University Extension Educator, Monroe County, works with landowners and public officials on leasing issues, environmental information and general oil and gas education. Contact: landefeld.6@osu.edu

Clif Little is an associate professor and extension educator for Guernsey County. His focuses are educating landowners on leasing farmland for oil and gas development and the issues of pipeline development affecting farmland owners. Contact: little.16@osu.edu

Joe Lucente is an associate professor and Extension Agent in Community Development with OSU Extension/Ohio Sea Grant College Program. Working out of Lucas County, he is responsible for research, education and technology transfer of information concerning the Great Lakes and the development of the economic climate in Toledo and the Maumee Bay area. Contact: lucente.6@osu.edu

Ken Martin is Chair and Associate Director of Ohio State University Extension, where he leads efforts to identify, monitor and assess critical programming efforts within identified Extension themes, including addressing methods of strengthening program teams and team leaders for outreach to communities. Contact: martin.1540@osu.edu

Myra Moss is an associate professor and extension educator for community development with OSU Extension, as well as co-leader of the OSU Shale Energy Work Group. Contact: moss.63@osu.edu

Becky Nesbitt, assistant professor and extension educator for Community Development with OSU Extension, provides educational resources to help Ohio’s communities identify and strengthen their economic opportunities. Nesbit empowers nonprofit board members and staff, community leaders, development professionals, and educators to enhance the capacity and infrastructure of nonprofit organizations and help grow an awareness of the power of community-based philanthropy. As a part of OSU Extension’s Community Development team, she also works with individuals in businesses and organizations to help them develop strong organizational and leadership skills. Contact: nesbitt.21@osu.edu

Chris Penrose is an associate professor and extension educator for Morgan County with OSU Extension, as well as co-leader of the OSU Shale Energy Work Group. He focuses on educating landowners about drilling and leasing issues, and shale energy updates. Contact: penrose.1@osu.edu

Eric Romich is an assistant professor and extension field specialist in energy development for OSU Extension. Contact: romich.2@osu.edu

Anastasia Snyder is an associate professor in human development and family sciences. She focuses on family demography, youth development, transition to adulthood and rural families and youth. Contact: snyder.893@osu.edu

Chris Zoller is an assistant professor and extension educator in agriculture and natural resources, and County Extension Director for Tuscarawas County for OSU Extension. Contact: zoller.1@osu.edu