Energy Infrastructure Workshop: Statewide Impacts of Shale and Alternative Energy Development

Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 9:00 am - 4:15 pm
Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center
Columbus, Ohio



Morning sessions

What is Happening with Shale and Energy Development in Ohio?, Dana Saucier, Managing Director of Energy and Petrochemicals: Jobs Ohio

Local Ballot Initiatives and Energy Development, Leah Curtis, Director of Agricultural Law, Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation

Panel: The Shale Industry - Anticipated Trends in the Industry and Impacts on Ohio

     Moderator: Dale Arnold, Director of Energy Services, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

     Panel members: Shawn Bennett, Executive Director, Ohio Oil and Gas Association, presentation

                                Mike Anderson, Director, Supply Development, Columbia Gas of Ohio, presentation

                                Doug Southgate, AEDE Agricultural Economist, OSU, Emeriti, presentation

                                Todd Ware, President and CEO, The Energy Cooperative, Newark, Ohio, presentation


Afternoon sessions: Landowner Issues

Pipelines - Legal and Regulatory Issues, Peggy Kirk Hall, Director, Agricultural and Resource Law Program, OSU

Pipeline Safety and Good Agricultural Practices

    Robert Burns, OSU Research Specialist, Retired, presentation

    Sarah Cross, OSUE Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Harrison County, presentation

    Mark Landefeld, OSUE Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Monroe County, presentation

Buying and Selling Leases, Clif Little, OSUE Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Guernsey County

Financial Management and Estate and Gift Planning

    Chris Delisio, Chief Advancement Officer, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, The Ohio State University, presentation

    Chris Penrose, OSUE, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Morgan County, presentation


Afternoon sessions: Community Issues

Relationships Beyond Regulations, Dale Arnold, Director of Energy Services, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

How Do Communities Prepare for Energy Development?

    Eric Romich, OSUE Field Specialist - Energy Development

    Myra Moss, OSUE Educator, Community Development, Heart of Ohio EERA

Challenges and Opportunities of Shale Development: Social and Environmental Issues

Shale and Food Quality/Availability

    Mike Betz, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Science, OSU

Social Issues and Shale Development

    James Bates, Field Specialist, OSUE Family and Consumer Sciences

    Polly Loy, OSUE Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Belmont County

Environmental Impacts of Shale and Pipeline Development

    Joe Bonnell, Program Director, Watershed Management, OSU School of Environment and Natural Resources

Shale Energy Development - Community Economic Impacts and Policy Issues

 Eric Romich, OSUE Field Specialist - Energy Development

 David Civittolo, OSUE Field Specialist - Community Economics