SERC Seed Grant Winners Announced

The Subsurface Energy Resource Center is pleased to announce the recipients of SERC’s latest round of Seed Grant Awards, designed to promote and facilitate cross-disciplinary research and collaboration at Ohio State. This most recent call, issued December 7, 2017, is the fourth time SERC has solicited proposals since 2016. New to this call was an expanded scope of eligible research, including the broadest umbrella of energy and environment related research. Subsequently, the greatest number of proposals yet were received, and ultimately five projects were funded, including the first to include researchers from the Fisher College of Business.

Recipients of the SERC 2018 Seed Grant Awards, as well as their academic units and proposal titles, are as follows:

Jeff Bielicki, Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering; Ramteen Sioshansi, Integrated Systems Engineering; Joachim Moortgat, School of Earth Science
Engineering the Subsurface to Seasonally Store Energy While Sequestering CO2

Tarunjit Butalia, Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering
Future of Coal Mining in Ohio

Erin McKie & Christian Blanco, Fisher College of Business
Reducing Commercial Energy Usage Through Real-Time Feedback

Joachim Moortgat, School of Earth Sciences; David Tomasko, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Improved Estimates of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources

Myra Moss, Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, Eric Romich, OSU Extension
Preparing Communities for Energy Development: Creating Curricula for Land Use and Community Planning