In 2014, SERC published seven SERC Notes, brief papers intended to help to educate stakeholders and the general public on developments in subsurface energy, and promote the activities Ohio State faculty and staff are doing to fulfill our landgrant mission. 

SERC Note #1Ohio State Extension’s Shale Energy Development Education and Outreach

SERC Note #2Ohio Shale Development: Responding to Landowner's Issues and Needs

SERC Note #3Ohio Shale Development: The Community Impact

SERC Note #4Shale Development, Ohio Agriculture and Natural Gas Utilization

SERC Note #5Natural Gas Prices Return Slowly to Normal After the Winter of 2014

SERC Note #6Pastures and Pipelines

SERC Note #7What the Real Estate Tells Us About the Downside of Shale Energy Development